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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Hi there and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This year, I promise to keep this space up to date. It's been a hectic few months, you see. So many exciting things in the pipelines!

So first thing's first. Just before Christmas, I was ecstatic to find a box delivered to me from Amelia Gregory. It could only be one thing. Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration. Beautifully printed and designed, Amelia's hard work has paid off magnificently, with each page and artist feature beautifully adorned with a different border and colour scheme to compliment the work submitted. All the illustrations in the book are by contributors to Amelia's Magazine, and all the clothes in the illustrations are by ethical designers. The book is made up of interviews (conducted by Amelia) with the designers and the illustrators, making the book a must for those who want to pick up a few tips, or grab an insight into the worlds of ethical fashion and fashion illustration.

The book is on sale here for a marvellous £20.

Here is a photo of my copy of the book, happily sat beneath a bottle of Harvey's...

Prior to the excitement of #ACOFI's release, I was asked to design a Christmas card for East London IT firm Macnamara. Kate from Macnamara did a wonderful little feature on me for the News section of their website, which can be seen under the Wednesday 15th December 2010 entry (scroll down...) here. My final design consisted of festive hand drawn objects that built the shape of a Christmas tree, decorated by a branded ribbon in their company colour. You can see my design below.

This year, I also designed my mother's Christmas cards, which she sent off all over the place to her nearest and dearest! I know the image is grainy, but here was the end result (found in my aunt's display)! Next year, I will have many more designs that will be available to buy online in my shop!


Last, but by no means least, I was absolutely over the moon to see that I was featured in the 'Digital Digest' section of The Independent's Viewspaper yesterday. Without getting too cheesy and sentimental, it's little gestures like this that keep me going in this competitive business. So I'm dead chuffed. Here are 2 photos that are keeping me beaming!

That is it from me for the time being, but rest assured, there is plenty more a-happening that I will soon be able to tell y'all about! And I can't ruddy wait.