Monday, 22 February 2010


On one hand I am beginning to realise that I am perhaps overusing my Moleskine.. On the other, it's so damn portable, I've found myself drawing almost everywhere.

Having just returned from a weekend in Warsaw, I'd like to post up the stuff I got on with at the weekend.

'Ah! I've Been Expecting You' is a doodle I started on Thursday in front of the box in London Town. It was a mouse, then a rat and now it looks like some kind of amalgamation of the two with a bit of Cyril Sneer from 'The Racoons' vaguely chucked in the mix. The text came in after a joke with my brother.

'Hello! (Revised)' is actually just the finished version of last weeks post as I decided my ladybird was missing a friend!

The final piece, 'Wedding Orchids' was started yesterday afternoon before I left Warsaw. The majority of it was done on the flight home and on the Heathrow Express, and finished before my head hit the pillow. My brother bet I couldn't finish it before I got home, and ok, he might have won, but I was close! I had one cm to go of the background when I got through the front door. Bit of sibling rivalry, bit of motivation!


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