Monday, 1 February 2010

Cha-na-na! End of Jan You Array!

'Ello 'ello.

Never managed to upload anything last week, but that doesn not mean that I have not been hard at it..

The past week has included doing a couple of love-sketches (sketches done solely for the love of drawing, without any really purpose-YET). Uploaded one above, see: "Woo(l)f".

Have finally sorted out a bit of a NM (NeltonMandelton) logo-ey thingy-ma-bob. Check it out below. It graces my Twitter page. Next stop, work on a background to replace the Ziganovs! They've had their day.

I have been doing some artwork for Moroccan/North African restuarant 'Moorish' in Hyde Park, Leeds. They're pretty chuffed as they has just been featured in this months Jamie Oliver's magazine 'Jamie'. Here's a poster I did for them to advertise that brilliant achievement!

Other artwork can be seen below. Hare's a link to the restaurant website if a bit of Moroccan cuisine tickles your tastebuds!

The below are to feature on the new, more affordable drinks, food and desert menus:

It's been pretty hectic, ballancing this on top of my job as a business reviewer.. Happen to also be moving to London at the end of the week. So next upload might be my last from my residence in Leeds. That is, if I have any time at all.

It's going to be a busy, busy week tying up loose ends. Wish me luck....


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